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Where will my Mac mini be?

A facility and data center partner in Las Vegas

One of the biggest benefits of the Mac mini is it's small size. It can easily be kept in a closet or storage room. So why would you want to keep them in a data center?  It mostly comes down to the three S's: Security, Speed, Safety

We are located in the Switch facility in Las Vegas which is known as being one of the greatest data centers in the world. Here is how it can help with security, speed and safety.


Since it is your data on the Mac mini, you want to be sure it can't be taken. The data center is very serious about security. The building has concrete walls that are metal enforced and protected with crash posts.

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In order to get to the location where the Mac minis are stored you must:

  1. call on the intercom to vocally identify yourself to security
  2. once cleared, they unlock the door as you swipe your access badge
  3. step into the mantrap to have a visual confirmation compared to their photo on file
  4. swipe access badge again and pass fingerprint biometrics test
  5. locate the cage location while under video surveillance
  6. enter the 4 digit code to release the key
  7. unlock the cage

In other words, no one will be meandering through the back closet of the office and take the Mac mini server or the data that it holds.


When the Mac mini is in a home or office, the speed to transfer files remotely is dependent on the upload speed from that location. If you're also in that home or office, the transfers will be fast since you're on the same network. But if you plan to use the data from multiple locations, a better connection will help. 

The connection at our data center is second to none:

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Fiber connections from multiple carriers and your Mac mini will have access to all of them. This will allow you to download files at a good speed from anywhere. If you'd like to test the speed from us to your location, you can do a speed test here.


Part of the reason these massive and powerful data centers were built in Las Vegas was the absolute lack of natural disaster in our history.

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So humans might become a disaster after some time in Vegas, but Mother Nature is well behaved here. And it's not only damage to a facility that can cause downtime. If your home or office is fine in a disaster, there is still a possibility that power won't be available after it's happened. Our data center has backup generators and many options for backup power. Many companies are based in California and have a safe and convenient location in Nevada.


A data center is a great place to keep your server. You could install a Mac mini server, use it for years, and then easily resell it for a good percentage of what you paid for it.